What’s The Best Scoop For Cat Litter?

Scoopin’ cat litter – it’s gotta be done.

And like any job, the better your tools are, the easier and more pleasant it is to do it.

The same applies to the simple cat litter scoop!

What To Look For In a Good Cat Litter Scoop

You might not consider putting too much thought into a poop scoop, but when you think about the fact that this is an item you’re likely to use everyday, multiple times per day, isn’t it worth ysing one that makes the job as easy and yes, as pleasant(!) as possible? I think so.

DuraScoop Endurance SunGrow CO-Z Neater Pet iPrimio Sifter
durascoop cat litter scoop endurance stainless steel cat litter scoop Sungrow non stick cat litter scoop Co-Z Aluminum cat litter scoop Neater Pets cat litter scoop and box iPrimio Sifter teflon coated cat litter scoop
Stainless steel Steel Aluminum Plastic scoop
& box
Teflon coat

It’s not unusual for litter scoops to resemle familiar kitchen implements; right down to the use of non-stick surfaces like Teflon (many people understandably wish to avoid teflon, however it is generally believed safe unless heated or flaking – but there are plenty of other options if you want to avoid teflon coated scoops.)

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